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WIC India Dehradun Literature Festival 2016

For the first time in Dehradun, World Integrity Center, India presents to you your own Dehradun Literature Festival for the year 2016.


Swapna Liddle

Swapna Liddle’s love for the city of Delhi led her to write a PhD thesis on its cultural and intellectual life in the 19th century. Today she seeks to raise awareness about the city’s historic precincts, mainly through her work for the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH).

Despite her academic background, she seeks to make history writing interesting and accessible to a general audience. She has authored the book Delhi:14 Historic Walks, and is working on two further books on Delhi. One is a history of the Mughal Imperial City – Shahjahanabad, and its heart, Chandni Chowk – from its inception to modern times. The other is on the British Imperial city of New Delhi – from its planning and foundation to recent times.

Dehradun Community Literature Festival 2017

Click Here to go to Dehradun Community Literature Festival 2017 Website.